The Tears Last a Moment but your Wedding Photography Lasts a Lifetime

Congratulations on your engagement!

Now the journey begins and I mean a journey. Picking the perfect date then changing the date for a perfect wedding venue. Next the endless searching the internet and signing up for all the wedding websites. Emailing countless photographers to see if your date is still available. Now picking your colors and style and finding all the most beautiful decor or what I call the details. All while balancing school or that new job. Then enlisting the help of family who may or may not share your style outlook. Well I am honored your journey has crossed paths with my passion of being a wedding photographer.

It’s time to look for an important piece of your wedding day journey. You have been passionate about making everything perfect for a day you have been dreaming about a lifetime. You want someone who shares your passion and can truly understand your style and vision. Then the challenge of balancing the right person to spend the day with who can give you those fresh from a magazine photos and capture the essence of that emotional candid photo.

Worrying about getting the perfect moments captured is not for you to worry about on your big day.  You should focus on living those perfect moments for me to capture.

Your Wedding Photographer - Benefits to your Wedding Day Story

Curtis Wallis Wedding PhotographerThe Comfort Factor – I understand you want someone who you can feel this is not their first or 10th wedding. You want someone who understand the differences of your perfect wedding. I bring over 20 years experience not only as a wedding photographer but I also my work commercially in the areas of fashion and advertising. This background is what lead me to capturing hundreds of perfect wedding days. I have been honored to be part of small weddings at a park to African weddings that lasted 2 days with over 500 guests. I have been hired locally and flown to destinations for some of the best couples you will meet.

The one thing they have in common is my couples really care about their wedding photos.

One of the highest privileges I have is being asked by other wedding photographers and wedding vendors to capture their wedding day.

So many photographers they all are starting to look the same – Let’s just face the facts you probably know someone who is starting out as a photographer or you searched and found tons of photographers in Columbus. Looked through countless websites and the images are really starting to look the same.

So what can I offer you?  STYLE – STORY – EMOTION – EXPERIENCE

My style is about capturing the story of your wedding day with emotional photographs that show the magazine beauty of your wedding. I enjoy capturing candids that can really showcase the happiness from a wedding. Then remember the hours you spent on all the details. I believe its those details that wrap your story with the perfect bow. The details show colors and traditions that only you can appreciate.

I can honestly say that I can look my photos and relive the entire day! He captured all of the little details and things we didn’t even notice that day. He was very organized and pictures went so smoothly. We even had groomsmen commenting on how great he was that day, which says a lot because guys don’t usually care too much for picture time. I would strongly recommend Curtis to anyone looking for a photographer – Monique

The pictures are absolutely WONDERFUL! We are so thrilled with how they turned out. Thank you so much for everything you did on our special day and for taking the most beautiful pictures and capturing the moments we will cherish for a lifetime. – Katie and Nick

The Next Step in Hiring a Photographer

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